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Colours of Beeswax

Amazingly, as may be seen above, the natural pigmentation of honey and beeswax symbolizes the exact skin tones of the human race.

These honeycomb cells illustrate the variety of natural, golden colours reflected in different types of honey and beeswax. The tonal differences are created by the various pollens and nectars collected from different flowers.

Lighter honey and wax comes from clover, star thistle and alfalfa (predominantly a purple field) and has a light fragrance. The butterscotch tones come from fruit tree blossoms and certain herb flowers, while the darkest waxes come from buckwheat blossoms, sumac and other wild flowers.

The bee's work ethics and its pure products have been held sacred throughout time. Till today beeswax is revered in the hieroglyphs of Egypt, Mayan and Sanskrit are of the Far East. Beeswax is the result of the greatest expression and essence of Mother Nature herself.

Our Jewel Tone colours are made with natural dyes, derived from earth sources. They are mixed with our 100% pure cappings beeswax and applied as an outer coating. This leaves the core a beautiful natural gold, maintaining the integrity of the negative ion effect when burning.