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How to Burn A Pheylonian Beeswax Candle

All beeswax candles require maintenance.  The most important aspect of burning a beeswax candle is following the maintenance instructions and never leave a burning candle unattended.  Instructions are also included on all of our product labels.

How to Burn - Step 1
Tilt candle on an angle to light with match or lighter.
Inclinez bougie sur un angle afin de l'allumer avec une allumette ou un briquet.
How to Burn - Step 2
Ideal burning candle. Wick and flame are at an ideal height. Pool of wax is within 1/4” from the edge.

Idéal comme une bougie allumée. La mèche et la flamme sont à la hauteur idéale. La cire chaude est à 1/4" à partir du bord.
How to Burn - Step 3
This wick is too long causing a large flame which can create smoke and cause wax to overflow.
Quand la mèche est trop long, il provoque une grande flamme qui peut créer de la fumée et provoquer le cire chaud à débordé.
How to Burn - Step 4
Gently push the softened walls into the pool of wax thus shortening the wick.
Poussez doucement les parois ramollies dans le cire chaud raccourcissant ainsi la mèche.
How to Burn - Step 5
Trim wick to 3/16” or 5mm using candle scissors to readjust proper height of flame
Coupez la mèche de 3/16 "ou 5mm avec des ciseaux de bougie pour réajuster le hauteur de la flamme.
How to Burn - Step 6
Add pieces of beeswax to the pool of wax to help adjust the height of the wick and increase burn time.
Ajouter les morceaux de cire d'abeille dans le cire chaud pour aider à régler la hauteur de la mèche et d'augmenter le temps de combustion.
How to Burn - Step 7
After adjusting the candle, it will regain the proper height of the flame and wick.
Après avoir ajusté la bougie, on va retrouver la bonne hauteur de la flamme et la mèche.
How to Burn - Step 8
Do not blow out. Extinguish candle with wick dipper, drown wick in pool of wax. Wick should be re-straightened ensuring the wick is in the centre.
Ne pas souffler. Éteindre la bougie à l'aide d'une louche de mèche pour noyer la mèche dans la cire. La mèche doit être redressé, veiller à ce que la mèche est au centre quand il est rallumé.

Recycle & Reuse

Never throw out left over Beeswax ~ The best way to use up most of your scraps is to simply recycle them back into any other Original Pheylonian Beeswax Candles. Simply shave the left over wax into small pieces or break it up into chunks and use it as fuel to ‘fill up’ your candle whenever possible.

Gentle Warnings

Do Not Burn Paraffin while Burning Beeswax

We recommend that you do not burn paraffin candles at the same time as you burn our candles as the negative ions produced by pure beeswax will cause the black soot from the paraffin candles to stick to many household surfaces, particularly vinyl materials (windows), plastics (computer cases, garbage cans, litter boxes, children’s toys) and appliances. 

Never Leave a Candle Burning Unattended

Never leave a candle burning in another room even when you are home. If you leave the room for an extended length of time, take the candle with you or extinguish it. All pillar candles need ‘maintenance’ while being burned over different lengths of time, depending on the size of the candle. Tea lites, tapers and votive glass candles can be unattended for short lengths of time, as they are contained within a holder, however as the wax burns down, the wicks do get taller and will need trimming.