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Why Burn Pheylonian Beeswax?

First and foremost, our Original Pheylonian Beeswax Candles are hand-made from 100% Pure Canadian Cappings Beeswax (and nothing else!)

Original Pheylonian Pure Cappings Beeswax candles:

1 ~ produce negative ions, which cleanse the air of dust, odours, toxins, pollens, molds, and viruses, as well as harmonizes and balances the human spirit! See The Positive Side to Negative Ions

2 ~ are completely non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-carcinogenic. With its healthful negative ions and warm, halo’d glow they act like indoor air purifiers.  Our pure cappings beeswax candles are the cleanest burning candles that you will ever burn. See Beeswax versus Paraffin.

3 ~ are longer burning than any other candles, including vegetable/soy waxes, costing only pennies an hour to burn, See Why Beeswax Costs Less

4 ~ burns with a bright, golden halo while exuding a natural aromatheric, honey essence.

5 ~ is proven to be beneficial for people who have allergies, environmental sensitivities and just too much stress in their life. See Health Benefits of Cappings Beeswax.

The Positive Side to ‘Negative Ions’

POSITIVE IONS ~ Science has proven that, microscopically, any ‘thing’ floating in the air, be it in your home, office or outdoors, is doing so because it has become 'positively charged'. This includes everything from dust and pollen to toxic residues and emissions coming from household furnishings, rugs, construction materials, including viruses, bacteria and germs. Even odours such as food smells from cooking, household pets, mold and mildew, all remain ‘smelly’ because they are ‘positively charged’, and suspended in the air and thus, are readily inhaled by us.. These toxins become positively charged by static electricity, like the friction from walking across carpets or from the 'dry', recycled air produced by the heating systems we all use, as well as the flow of electricity require by all our appliances, such as refrigerator motors, computers, etc.

Mother Natures Balancing Act ~ It is a proven fact that people feel better when they go to the ocean and breathe in the sea air. We have the same exhilarating experience when visiting waterfalls, in the woods or just about anywhere after a fresh rain and thunderstorm. This is the wonder of Mother Nature as each of these natural phenomena creates and pump an abundance of 'negative ions' into the air, leaving the Great Outdoors, so fresh, clean and balanced that we can both smell and feel the difference.

NEGATIVE IONS ~ are the good ones in this case. The scientific principle at work here is that a proper balance of negative ions attract and bind with the positive ions, creating complete molecules which have a heavier weight mass and a balanced charge.

So when negative ions (created in Mother Nature or by burning our 100% pure beeswax candles) are released into a stagnant, positively charged, indoor environment, those particles bearing the positive charge (toxins, dust, odours, etc.) are immediately and rapidly attracted to and then bind with the negatively charged ions.

Now, what once were positively charged, floating toxins, are no longer suspended, because after bonding with the negative ions, they have changed their ‘molecular state’ and are much heavier, so they simply fall out of the air. The result is an indoor living space that not only provides cleaner air for you and your loved ones to breathe, but is also more balanced and relaxing.

Outside of our home environment, we are very limited in our ability to influence the quality of the air we breathe. Within our own homes we have some options but they are expensive and not generally practical. Many people who understand the seriousness of this situation are spending thousands of dollars on ‘'Negative Ion Emitters' to ‘clean’ the air in their homes; however, be very careful because these ‘Negative Ion Generators"’ can produce an overabundance of ozone, and possibly other scientific ‘by-products’ ,which can also be harmful. It’s far more practical, and cheaper too, to rely on our pure, unadulterated cappings beeswax candles.

With all of this in mind, we present the most important fact about Pure Cappings Beeswax, the reason why it has been held sacred in all ancient cultures.

"100% pure cappings beeswax is the only fuel to emit an abundance of the air cleansing and balanced ‘Negative Ions’ while burning."

It makes perfect sense that Nature would provide us with the finest tool to recreate the beneficial and healthful effects of negative ions, so that we may enjoy these benefits at home and at social gatherings.

It has been scientifically proven that the only fuel known to mankind to produce a fully balanced negative ion is pure, unadulterated cappings beeswax. This sweet, inexpensive, original ion emitter and catalytic converter is one of Mother Nature’s original inventions.

Here at Pheylonian, we burn our beeswax candles when we cook, do writing and paper work, design and create, play music or meditate.

If you burn a pure, Original Pheylonian Beeswax Candle four to six times a week and vacuum twice a week, your house will consistently be cleaner, sweeter and healthier.

Unlike the ‘Ion Machines’, which can cause the dirt to accumulate on floors and cling to walls, an original Pheylonian, pure cappings beeswax candle burns the dust and toxic debris from the air, as the heatball of the candle serves to ‘convect’ or cause all the air within a space to move through the halo’d flame, much like how a catalytic converter reduces automobile emissions.

Why should we burn Beeswax and not Paraffin?

Beeswax is produced by honey bees from the pure and abundant Natural Nectars of Mother Natures Flowers. Bees transform the pollen and nectars of flowers into a most amazing array of products including honey, royal jelly, propolis, bee pollen and beeswax. Cappings beeswax is the thin seal of wax that the bee places over the honeycomb cell after it has filled it with honey. This hair thin seal is then removed by the beekeeper just prior to centrifugally extracting the honey from the frames of honeycomb cells. Remember, only a candle made of this pure, bee-produced cappings wax, and nothing else, will actually emit negative ions.


Paraffin is a petroleum by-product, but what does that really mean? First of all, do some research and as we have found, paraffin starts as the grayish-black sludge which oozes out of the backside of the petroleum refineries. It is the substance left over after producing many of the other common petroleum products such as gas, oils, pavement, etc.

This grayish-black crud is then bleached with 100% strength bleach (creating dioxins, which are toxic), while we only use 10% bleach in our laundry. This white ooze is then processed into ‘solid’ paraffin using various. carcinogenic, solidifying chemicals, a common one is called acrolyn.

Paraffin wax is then sold to many very nice companies and people who add various other ‘texturizing’ chemicals, artificial dyes for colour and synthetic fragrances.

Synthetic Fragrances

When synthetic fragrances are burned, they produce toxic fluorocarbons and other polluting by-products. Inhaling these fluorocarbons damages the receptors in our nasal passages that detect scent, and long-term, diminishes the overall abilities of your olfactory senses by ‘wearing them out’, one of the reasons why many people seem to ‘require’ increasingly stronger smelling candles, etc., to experience any enjoyable aromas at all!

Remember, they don’t squeeze pure vanilla pods, at $14.00 each, into those sweet smelling, pretty coloured candles. Artificial vanilla fragrance is actually piperonal. All in all, you have a product that adversely affects us in many ways. Nice people make ‘em and good people use ‘em, but my goodness!

Ambience and Balance

Our pure cappings beeswax candles all burn with a golden flame, a luminous halo and a non-perfumed aroma, reflective of the flowers and honey that wax came from. This soft aroma emitted by beeswax has actually been proven to relax and de-stress people.

From the beginning of time, beeswax was used in churches, temples and religious cermonies to help people relax. The fact that most churches now use paraffin, or even worse, liquid paraffin, is somewhat of a reflection of where the churches priorities now fall. Somewhere along the line they were convinced that paraffin was cheaper. It actually isn’t, and they certainly are missing a whole lot of other balanced reasons why beeswax is the better choice for the sacred environments of our churches. Paraffin burns with a harsh white flame and light and the only aroma coming from it is synthetic and somewhat toxic. Energetically, paraffin contaminates the air, the environment that it is burned in and the people who are exposed to it.

Why Beeswax Costs less to use than Paraffin

Pure Cappings Beeswax costs only pennies an hour to burn. On average, our candles cost between 7 to 20 cents per hour to use. This is due to the efficient, slow burn of beeswax and also because our candles are hand-made to burn perfectly each time, all the way to the bottom with no lost wicks or tunneling. Any small amount of wax remaining from your Pheylonian beeswax candle, can be recycled into your next one for the most cost effectiveness.

On the other hand, paraffin averages out to about a buck‘n a quarter an hour. This is because paraffin is a fast burning fuel, which burns at a lower temperature. But the main reason paraffin is cost-inefficient is because many paraffin candles burn a tunnel right down the middle ‘till the wick finally drowns itself out, or the wick literally burns away, necessitating pouring out the wax and eventually cutting down the sides. Often times, you end up throwing out a half to two-thirds of your ‘cheaper’ candle.

Depending on the candle you burn, you can practice the Pheylonian Art of ‘Topping Up’ your beeswax candles. All of our votive candles and the 3" plus diameter pillars and orbs are easily topped up by recycling leftover wax from your last Pheylonian candle, and adding it to the liquid pool as the candle burns down. This practice utilizes every bit of the valuable pure cappings beeswax, and make our candles even MORE cost-effective.

Cost has many definitions

Environmental Cost ~ If you consider the cost on the environment of petroleum production compared to the completely non-polluting process of harvesting honey and beeswax, then beeswax is even more inexpensive in the long and short run. Beeswax is simply created from the pure and abundant Natural Nectars of Mother Natures Flowers. And on top of all that, beeswax is non-toxic, naturally aromatic, and completely healthful while producing the most conducive and balanced negative ion known to benefit humanity.

Health and Clean Home Cost ~ Last, but certainly not least, is the indirect cost of when you using a fuel like paraffin in your home, which emits black soot that coats your walls, household furnishings and curtains, not to mention your lungs and skin. It is a proven fact that paraffin, with its associated synthetic scents and other additives, causes headaches, allergic reactions and difficulties with sinuses and lungs, while costing home owners thousands of dollars each year to clean and refurbish their homes.

Health Benefits of Cappings Beeswax

If you are going to burn a candle, you cannot find a better or more cost efficient product than Original Pheylonian Beeswax candles, and you are welcome to visit our Testimonials page where you can view some of our customers' independent views and insights.

Paraffin on the other hand has many health ramifications. Anyone with allergies, or environmental sensitivities, will tell you of the negative effects of burning paraffin. Over the years, we have sold our candles to many top executives and technical engineers of the petroleum industry. They do not even let their families touch paraffin, much less burn it in their homes. Please do not let your families burn paraffin.

Contaminated beeswax candles DO NOT emit negative ions, have NO health benefits and could actually pollute your environment when burned!

Not all beeswax candles (even those stating ‘pure’ on the label) are 100% pure cappings beeswax.

Remember, all candles are classified under the same category as ‘cosmetics’ by the government, and therefore, receive very little to no regulation for purity nor scrutiny for ‘truth in labeling’. By law, a candle can contain as little as 10% actual beeswax, (with the remainder being paraffin, soy, veg, palm oil or other fillers) and still be legally sold as a ‘beeswax candle’.

Please know, after 30 years in business, Pheylonian Candles are still made from 100% Beeswax, and contain NO impurities, which negate their healthful properties.

This is where many people have gotten a wrong impression of the value of beeswax because they spent a lot of money for "an expensive beeswax candle" (which was only 10% - 60% pure) and it naturally burned almost as fast as a paraffin candle. Is there any wonder why?

Many conventional beeswax candles are made by melting down all parts of the bee honeycomb, not just the hair-thin seal on the top (the cappings wax) which is the most desirable, pure, air-cleansing wax, perfectly created by the honey bees, in conjunction with Mother Nature herself.

These days, to reduce expenses, beekeepers often purchase honeycomb foundation that is not made of pure beeswax, rather, it can consist of up to 70% paraffin wax, or even contain low melt plastics, with only thin layer of real beeswax applied to the surface, so it ‘smells’ like an inviting home to the wild honey bees. If the pure beeswax ‘cappings’ are not extracted separately from the man-made, part paraffin foundation, the result is generic, yellow-looking, part beeswax product being sold to candle makers, who may not even be aware that they have purchased an inferior product.

A ‘beeswax’ candle containing only part beeswax, does not produce negative ions nor does it burn with the bright, warm, halo’d glow.

Here are a few web listing that advise people of the dangers of paraffin:

The American Lung Cancer Association

Healthy Candles Web Site